Chario quadro offers a complete solution for who wants a Class D integrated amplifier able to be connected to all devices. Built to provide a High Performance in terms of connection and power, the stability of the bluetooth connection allows also for high quality reproduction, a perfect match to have your own music library on air. The other connections give you the possibility to connect any physical devices to your Chario Quadro amplifier, and enlarge your possibilities giving the Sub Out connection to boost the bass of your system.

50W / 4 Ω x 2

Chario Quadro, an Italian design project, equipped with a dedicated remote control it’s able
to supply 50 W to each of the 2 channels. The compact Class D integrated amplifier capable
of being connected to all devices, physically through the series of connections on the back
of the product, with your own on air music library or tv, via Bluetooth. 


Enjoy the Bluetooth Amp in all its details, from the multiple connections at the back,to the fine details on the Corian® Front. Due to the work done in the inner part of the front panel and as Corian® a translucent material, when properly worked, you will always see the source selected with the remote control, thanks to a series of white leds. The new and updated Bluetooth technology provided by Quadro grant you a high quality reproduction, equal to the level of the registration, without any distortion or loss of signal. The Bluetooth version of Quadro has been designed to reduce the electric consumption. As a class D amplifier Quadro its not subject to overheating, and grants 5 meters operative distance in an open space.


    1.      Bluetooth

    2.      Optical In

    3.      Line In

    4.      Aux

    5.      Sub out

    Corian Front Panel

    The front panel is made of Corian® , a composite material, it can be shaped into any form possible, and can be worked with the same simplicity of wood. Corian® also has some other peculiarities, it’s resistant to direct sunlight, indirect heat, its color remains unchanged over the course of time, grants a high resistance to any mechanical stress, can be translucent when properly worked.