Reflex Prima

Designed to out-perform all other speakers in its class while retaining the appearance of an objet d’art,
the Prima deploys our NSR system with a subwoofer at the base of the cabinet.
Combined with three frontal drivers and a tweeter, and two tweeters on the back,
the Prima will deliver an incomparable music and movie experience that belies its small footprint

Vented NRS

The NRS principle exploits the proximity of the support surface and the structure of the speaker to increase the subwoofer performance. The frequencies emitted from the subwoofer by using this principle are able to double the  efficiency of the membrane halving its displacement and lowering the distortion. With NRS principle you get a double sound pressure (gaining 3 dB)  for the same distortion.

Feeling of '60s

During a journey every now and then the mind goes to places familiar to us,   our loved ones,  our home, our habits. The joy of discovery  reflects an escape from the routine,  the melancholy of the house  reflects a need for certainty.  It is with this in mind that  the discovery and certainties  come together in a single solution,  where the rounded lines  and heavily processed materials  give way to the linearity of the sharp edges and the natural tones of the wood,  but always remembering  that the reflection is the boost for our tomorrow


3-wayFloor-Standing Direct Array with Boxer™ Engine


1 Tweeter 2″ AirRad Shallow Conex
2 Tweeter 2″ WallRad Shallow Conex
2 Woofer 4″ Staright Cell Compound
2 Subwoofer 5″ Heavy Weight Natural Fibers


88 dB SPL normalized to 1 m/2.83 Vrms/
de-correlated L/R pink noise in
ITU-R BS 1116-1

Low Frequency Cut Off

55 Hz @ -3 dB referred to C4 WETS

Crossover Frequency

1390 Hz

Rated Impedance

Modulus 4 Ω (min 3.4) Argument ±36°

Low Frequency Load

Splitted Vented Subwoofer NRS 2π sr & Front


High Density Fiberboard

Listening Layout

A carpeted floor in front of the
speakers is recommended

Cabinet Finishing

Walnut – Twill – Black


983 x 197 x 253 mm (h x w x d)


16,4 Kg

Suggested Amplifier

Up to 100 W / 4 Ω Average Power


Sizes and Weight referred to one speaker
Specs subject to change without notice
Average power calculated as V^2 rms/R
All quantities in SI Units

Reflex Collection

2-way Bookshelf

84 dB SPL

Xover Freq 1330 Hz

8 Ω (min 5.8) Argument ±36°

Walnut – Twill – Black

332 x 162 x 200 mm
(h x w x d)

3,9 Kg

Up to 60 W / 4 Ω

2-way Bookshelf

86 dB SPL

Xover Freq 1330 Hz

8 Ω (min 6) Argument ±36°

Walnut – Twill – Black

423 x 197 x 210 mm
(h x w x d)

7,2 Kg

Up to 80 W / 4 Ω

3-way Floor Standing

88 dB SPL

Xover Freq 1390 Hz

4 Ω (min 3.4) Argument ±36°

Walnut – Twill – Black

983 x 197 x 253 mm
(h x w x d)

16,4 Kg

Up to 100 W / 4 Ω

4+4-way Bookshelf

89 dB SPL

Xover Freq 1390 Hz

4 Ω (min 3.9) Argument ±36°

Walnut – Twill – Black

182 x 663 x 253 mm
(h x w x d)

11,7 Kg

Up to 100 W / 4 Ω