Reflex Terza

Our smallest bookshelf speaker boasts our Boxer Engine, and our NRS proprietary technology.
The Terza punches well above its weight interms of performance,
and is able to accurately reproduce and stabilize a
wide range of frequencies for your musical and cinematic pleasure.

Wave Guide Effect

If there is a TV screen between the Left & Right speaker
Chario Boxer™ Engine can exploit it by enhancing the envelopment
sensation with more delayed contralateral reflections arriving at
the eardrum from the listener’s back wall.

Inside the Meaning

Music and Art are naturally combined, inspired by emotion
the reflex terza thanks to its dimension fits in any environment and
transmits all its passion and art to the listener


2-way Bookshelf Direct Array with Boxer™ Engine


1 Tweeter 2″ AirRad Shallow Conex
2 Tweeter 2″ WallRad Shallow Conex
1 Woofer 4″ Staright Cell Compound


84 dB SPL normalized to 1 m/2.83 Vrms/
de-correlated L/R pink noise in
ITU-R BS 1116-1

Low Frequency Cut Off

85 Hz @ -3 dB referred to C4 WETS

Crossover Frequency

1330 Hz

Rated Impedance

Modulus 8 Ω (min 5.8) Argument ±36°

Low Frequency Load

Vented Subwoofer NRS 2π sr


High Density Fiberboard

Listening Layout

A carpeted floor in front of the
speakers is recommended

Cabinet Finishing

Walnut – Twill – Black


332 x 162 x 200 mm (h x w x d)


3,9 Kg

Suggested Amplifier

Up to 60 W / 4 Ω Average Power


Sizes and Weight referred to one speaker
Specs subject to change without notice
Average power calculated as V^2 rms/R
All quantities in SI Units

Reflex Collection

2-way Bookshelf

84 dB SPL

Xover Freq 1330 Hz

8 Ω (min 5.8) Argument ±36°

Walnut – Twill – Black

332 x 162 x 200 mm
(h x w x d)

3,9 Kg

Up to 60 W / 4 Ω

2-way Bookshelf

86 dB SPL

Xover Freq 1330 Hz

8 Ω (min 6) Argument ±36°

Walnut – Twill – Black

423 x 197 x 210 mm
(h x w x d)

7,2 Kg

Up to 80 W / 4 Ω

3-way Floor Standing

88 dB SPL

Xover Freq 1390 Hz

4 Ω (min 3.4) Argument ±36°

Walnut – Twill – Black

983 x 197 x 253 mm
(h x w x d)

16,4 Kg

Up to 100 W / 4 Ω

4+4-way Bookshelf

89 dB SPL

Xover Freq 1390 Hz

4 Ω (min 3.9) Argument ±36°

Walnut – Twill – Black

182 x 663 x 253 mm
(h x w x d)

11,7 Kg

Up to 100 W / 4 Ω