High Perfomances

The Studio line is characterized by clean and sharp lines, based on classical tradition, with a hand brushed high gloss front finish. The wood veneer finishes are completely natural and originate from a careful choice of cuts to ensure maximum consistency of tones. Used both internally and externally, these natural wood veneers are from Italy.

turns into

Music is the most exciting, most engaging tool we have to communicate, to express an inner greatness that becomes obvious even to the most doubtful with just a few notes.
Music is an important resource not only for those who play it, but also for those who listen to it and becomes a part of their being, almost as if that certain song was written and performed by the listener himself. Above all, what draws out our emotions is not the succession of notes, but what is between the notes, that imperfect but brilliant human component, perfect, yet exciting, common, yet original. Emotion and reason, passion and calculation, infinity and psychology, are all enclosed within a speaker system. Science is crucial to be able to walk a path of development to reproduce a true and natural result; the human component that brings a scientific concept alive uses it as a tool to reach the hearts and the minds of people.

Nature on It

Our finishes are completely natural, and also
the varnishes used are water-based and non-toxic.
The production process ensures full environmental sustainability
by prohibiting the use of any harmful agents or glues.
The front varnish with RAL 7021 colors is completed by hand brushing for a perfectly glossy result.

A special membrane has been devised for the Studio line. This tweeter size is our focal point in terms of design. Both driver and membrane have been modified to achieve a different performance than earlier versions of this tweeter

The full apex membrane made of carbon fiber offers structural rigidity and is incredibly lightweight. The basket and the other equipment of the same woofers are designed and manufactured to have high operating efficiency with a large heat dissipation capacity

It is created by machining and turning raw brass, and is subsequently polished to ensure the smooth and homogeneous surface, and finally plated with 24 k gold

The Cross Overs are made specifically for each speaker
and are designed using the highest quality components.
As all other components, they are entirely made in Italy
the brain and soul of the whole speaker.

The listening environment is considered the most influential
factor for proper playback. The speaker system must be designed
keeping in mind that the speaker will probably be used in a space free,
or partially free, of sound field control.

2 way bookshelf

2 way bookshelf

3 way floorstander

2 way surround

2 way center channel