Surround and front speaker


Most listening spaces are also living areas, and require a balance of acoustic friendliness and interior design preferences. The Constellation Line of loudspeakers was designed with this in mind, and engineered to deal with the significant acoustic problems that affect most living spaces.



Front Stereo Speaker

Studio Line

The Studio line is characterized by clean and sharp lines, based on classical tradition, with a hand brushed high gloss front finish. The wood veneer finishes are completely natural and originate from a careful choice of cuts to ensure maximum consistency of tones. Used both internally and externally, these natural wood veneers are from Italy.

HiFi Collection

made in italy

Proud of who we are, and proud of how we realize our products, where heritage and passion meet acoustics and technology.

Limitless Performance
To Fit
Audiophile Needs

The acoustic calibration of a loudspeaker system is normally performed in bounce-free chambers designed for this specific purpose. The goal of this is to eliminate environmental interference, ensuring the precision of all measurements and tests. The geometry of a domestic setting, however, completely shapes a speaker’s response, thereby modifying the listening experience, sometimes dramatically. Since there are limitless speaker/room/furniture combinations, computer-aided simulation can only outline general performance parameters that are useful for assessing reproductive balance, but might not sufficiently account for the listening experience.

Since any free-standing “tower” system has a fixed driver-to-floor distance, once the listening distance has been established, distortion caused by initial floor bounce can be calculated. This type of interference results in the loss or excess of energy within a frequency band, usually an octave wide; which generally resembles the central octave of a piano….

Mirrored Aesthetics

All in One

The Reflex Doppia was born from a desire to provide homeowners with a simple, elegant, and clutter-free solution for their home system.
Versatile and powerful, this all-in-one speaker is able to perform a wide range of frequencies, and is equally adept at producing the thumping bass of a movie, or the pristine mid and highs of a female vocalist.

The rear tweeter transforms your room into a multipoint source system.
The Boxer Engine™ manages the delay of the sound reflection, ensuring your listening spot is the center of a 360° surround experience.

Mirrored Aesthetics

We remember the past in music.
A photograph merely captures a moment, but sound evokes the experience of the moment.
We recall the flowering of spring in lutes, the euphoria of first love in pop melodies, and the grief of love lost in guitar strings.
Every memorable moment in our lives is a snapshot in a sound image, and we often seek these memories by revisiting 
the music.
The first step of our reinvention is grounded in these memories, and informed by them. The past provides us unshakeable foundations, which frees us to make the present better.The Reflex line is our nod to the past, and our toast to the future.
It’s our discovery of a new way home.


Amp your Experience

Chario quadro offers a complete solution for who wants a Class D integrated amplifier able to be connected to all devices. Built to provide a High Performance in terms of connection and power, the stability of the bluetooth connection allows also for high quality reproduction, a perfect match to have your own music library on air. The other connections give you the possibility to connect any physical devices to your Chario Quadro amplifier, and enlarge your possibilities giving the Sub Out connection to boost the bass of your system.